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Canadian Federal Election 2019

The English leader debate recently was not all that great in my opinion. I don't feel anyone knocked it out of the park. These debates and public appearances are your interviews with Canadians as to why you should be our Prime Minister (PM). Why you will be better than Justin Trudeau (JT) as PM.

If I was to hire anyone on the panel for a job in a fictional company of my own, character, ethics, morality, and forthrightness are necessary.

So my take on the prospective employees...

Andrew Sheer (AS): (Conservative Party of Canada (CPC))

He is first up mainly because of his opening mudslinging remarks. He spent more time talking about JT in a very negative way than he did ensuring Canadians what he plans to do as PM. He was the only one who started with an attack. I realize that may speak to his base, attempting to show he can be acerbic and 'tough' but it does point to his character. Claiming JT is a "phony and a fraud" is rich coming from AS in my opinion. He also bashed JT about violating ethics twice while in office.

In case people lack a dictionary...

Google “define fraud”
- Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
- A person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

Google “define ethics”
- Moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity.
- The branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles.

As a job applicant for the role of Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader and PM, AS claimed...

...he was an Insurance Broker and had experience with that. This proved to be false. He was never accredited and legally allowed to call himself an insurance broker. If he did actually fulfill the duties of an Insurance Broker, I would be very concerned If I were the business owner for where he was working as well as any client who had AS as their Broker. If he never did actual broker work then this 'experience' helped him attain the position of CPC leader and being used in his bid to become PM. This is fraud either way.

...he claimed he received a degree from the University of Regina. This proved to be false. He never received a degree from that university. Again this credential was used in his bid to become leader of the CPC and was used in his bid to become PM. This is fraud.

If you are willing to commit fraud, you really have no place on commenting about someone else's ethics since the act of committing fraud or being fraudulent is requiring very little ethics yourself.

If hiring for my fictional company and I found out any one of these two items from an applicant's CV, that CV gets filed under G; the Garbage bin.

Not only that, AS and CPC continue to make statements that have already been shown to be wholly or partially inaccurate or false and do not seem to want to correct themselves or are even concerned about anything they say has any credibility or accuracy. I expect a PM to be very concerned about the details and to the get the details absolutely correct before spouting off from the mouth.

AS belongs to a riding which has many First Nations (FN). Yet I find he is not be very respectful, and maybe even very rude, to them. Having happily blocked the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), stating that he does not need their votes, and doing very little to reach out and have meaningful dialogue with them. AS has also made some low bar remarks about the LGBT community. He has never apologised for any hurtful remarks he has made which would lead anyone to believe that he still holds on those 'values'. How someone treats others, no matter who they are, matters to me. Being an ass and hurtful is not an endearing quality for a PM. You can be tough while still being respectful. And neither of the stated groups need being treated with disrespect or require a tough stance.

Never apologising for something is also a red flag. It is not a sign of weakness as some may feel. It may hurt your popularity if you do but it shows a strength in character when you man up to the error. And it is even more impressive if you make it right afterwards. Everyone makes mistakes. Never admitting to making them says to me you never learn from them.

CPC has in the past criticized other politicians for being dual citizens. Hinting that they should not hold positions in government because their allegiance may not be clear in difficult times and that they cannot be trusted because of this. CPC did this 4 times as far as I have read.

   Michaelle Jean (Governor General)
   Stephan Dion (Liberal Leader)
   Micheal Ignatief (Liberal Leader)
   Thomas Mulcair (NDP Leader)

So if the CPC felt all of these people were unfit, AS is unfit. He claims that he will renounce his American Citizenship but if that were true, he should have done that as soon as he became CPC leader (May 27, 2017). Actually he should have done that well before that date but still, AS had over 2 years to visit the US consulate to do this. It seems like he is not serious about renouncing his American Citizenship. And in a PM position, maybe being strictly Canadian should be paramount. We are entrusting some highly sensitive material to the PM during his term, a PM should not be swayed by his other loyalty.

What I find curious is how 'unprepared' AS and the CPC are. All other parties have made their platforms available for scrutiny for the Canadian voters. CPC still has to do their homework. How can you show so little respect for Canadians as to not have a platform available? It should have been available long ago. To me this says the CPC cannot be bothered to do a proper job; it shows the CPC are playing games with this country and is not in fact looking to represent Canadians at any level. Their whole platform is solely on the fact that they are the CPC and that should be enough. Anyone voting for CPC and AS is just voting on their name.

One last thing. AS, please answer the question. Stop meandering about and answering some imagined question you heard. I know that is a tactic politicians use to direct the narrative but do Canadians a favour and actually answer the questions posed. I have seen on multiple occasions where AS is asked a question, he gives a non-answer, then asked the same question as he did not actually answer it, he gives the EXACT SAME ANSWER. I believe in one case the reported asked yet again, and he gave EXACT SAME ANSWER but in French.

Again actions and words in this matter would give my company serious concern as to the 'fit' of AS as an employee. So I would say that the PM position should never be his because he has shown he is not of the quality I expect of a person fulfilling that role. Not even close.

Justin Trudeau (JT): (Liberal Party of Canada (LPC))

JT was being hammered on a few sides. He didn't really shine in the debate but he kept standing. All in all I am not entirely pleased with his term in office but as a whole he was nowhere near being an embarrassment as some would like to think.

When he displayed his caucus, the real 'diversity' in the people who populate the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) is apparent. That is closer to what Canada looks like. I was 'proud' to see someone do that. When AS posted his 'diverse' team, it seemed very monocultural... About what I expected from the current 'conservatives'.

I was seriously dismayed that the electoral reform did not happen. I really wish they would implement a simple change of a ranked ballot so that whoever parks their butt in a Parliament seat, they have the mandate of at least 50% from their riding. That would go a long way in alleviating a lot of criticism about the make-up of the government. I think that would have been an easier pill for people to swallow than some of the more complicated schemes for proportional representation that were being proposed and the reason why this fell apart.

I was disappointed to the fact that, as Jahgmeet Singh likes to state, "You bought a pipeline!" for quite a lot of money. I am with the environmentalists here. That money could have gone a long way to fund clean energy projects in this country. We need to do more than just carbon tax if we want to make a dent in this climate crisis.

There already exists a pipeline. This new one is to twin the existing one. It maybe higher capacity than the existing one. I heard reports that this could have been because of a deal CPC PM Steven Harper put together with China in that if a pipeline did not happen, China could be sticking it to us for failing on a deal. On top of this, the pipeline was started with NDP Premier of Alberta Rachel Notley, so the NDPs should have been supportive of this initiative and it does/will employ a lot of Canadians, which is sort of an NDP thing as well. The big issue with the project is that the BC government was making things difficult. Currently NDP/Green coalitian. NPD may seem a bit of two minds here.

As to the black face scandal. JT owned up to it and apologized. His record in office says to me, that his costume days were never meant to be a slight to People Of Color (POC) but more of an attention to detail for the character he is trying to portray. But regardless, even if you don't believe in the apology being genuine, he did it, he clearly stated it was wrong. He owned his mistake. His record in office, his cabinet, should speak to his current thinking if it was not always his thinking even back then. I was dismayed that AS brought this topic up in the debate when it really is a non-issue anymore. Move on.

Ethics violations. Helicopter trip (I believe) and SNC Lavalin. The first one was a mistake but the parties involved were childhood friends/acquaintances and common place before being PM. Still a violation but seriousness is pretty low. The SNC affair. That’s a bit of a mess. Government has had precedence in the past to help out large employers. Yves-François Blanchet seemed to be in favour to a certain degree of JT’s desire to keep people employed. It was just JT’s execution of that desire that was lacking. In both cases though, the checks and balances were in place, caught and dealt with the problem. JT again apologized for the screw up. Most accepted that and moved on. With respect to the other parties to that affair, firing Jody Wilson-Raybould and resignation of Jane Philpott that I am on the fence with.

As to his employment and education. He never misrepresented himself on his CV. University, check. Teacher's degree, check. Teacher, check, drama... Meh ok. It is a job. Taught for 2-3 years. Which is a lot more than AS's one and only non-gov. job of < 1 year.

So CV comparisons so far, JT still on the pile. Yes, the cv is not as polished and is blemished a little but still holds up. JT’s character is a lot more solid than AS and JT is showing he is willing to learn. Never stop learning.

Jahgmeet Singh (JS): (New Democratic Party (NDP))

I like him. He is very personable. Also liked his reaction to being called Mr. Sheer at least three times (2x by JT and once by the actual moderator.) At the end he was saying "pretty words" too much. At least 3 times I think. Diction could be improved.

I did not like the softball he threw over to AS giving him an opportunity to take another jab at JT. If you are going to do something like that, make sure it paints a unique plus for the NDP at the same time. I do not think it did that.

I do not like the NDP's mixed behaviour between the Provinces and Federally. NDP Alberta Rachel Notley (RN) was all for the Pipeline since it would employ a lot of people. And the Oilsands are not going away any time soon. BC NDP are a lot more environmental or want their cut of the pie with regards to the pipeline. JS seems to be all environment even if his platform appears to be open to some polluting industry if it will employ Canadians. RN seemed to be a bit more pragmatic about jobs and the environment. Not sure where she stands on how to deal with the environment though. This inconsistency is hurting them in my mind.

Also, on the topic of discrimination and the Quebec bill 21, I, like JT, was a bit surprised that JS was not more animated about the bill and what it would mean to minorities. Unless he thinks that the bill will not pass even Quebec's constitution about the rights and freedoms of people who live there. At any rate he did not seem to stand up for the minorities affected by the proposed bill. Also I do not know if the Federal Government has much jurisdiction on a Provincial bill like this to do anything about it. So there may not be much to be said.

As a whole his performance was not that bad. But again, JS was not entirely a standout amongst the group. I believe he would do well as PM and Canada will benefit from that but so far I do not see his performance giving the NDP a huge boost to their popularity among voters.

Elizabeth May (EM): (Green Party of Canada, GPC)

As a debater, or at least in this format, I felt she did not shine. She was not terrible but just not as powerful of an appearance as others on the panel.

I do agree with the Greens that there is a climate crisis. We may have already lost the battle to save the environment and we will need to be able to adapt to the changes that are to come. At any rate, we need to get really serious in dealing with Green House Gas (GHG) emissions to the point where we may need to somehow remove them from the atmosphere.

Like the NDP I do not know if their platform passed the stress test when it comes to the budget. And I am concerned that their hard drive to meet double the target of climate action may cause a shock to our country that we may not be able to recover economically from that. And the Greens may have too much of the blinders on to shift gears to fix both crises when it happens. But something drastic needs to be done. People should be aware of that and I am glad someone in government is championing that battle.

In the after debate Q&A, the way EM ended the session was rather frumpy. Also she mentioned something that contradicted what I read about the Greens in a different article. She mentioned that all party members are screened to be on the same page with respect to abortion, but in a previous article it stated that they do not have a mandate that all party members need to have the same opinion on abortion and that they are free to pursue legislation is they so choose. It would seem that EM may need to re-evaluate the party's position on this issue.

Yves-François Blanchet (YB): (Bloc Québécois (BQ))

Some people question why he is here. "He's never going to be PM!" This is a leaders debate for all the larger parties running federally. He should be there. All in all I think he did fairly well for his party. Yes he represents a regional party. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that. There have actually been regional parties in the past. What bothers most people is that BQ is known to want to be treated uniquely. Sort of like how Hong Kong and Taiwan are treated as an SAR within China. Quebec is sort of like an SAR in Canada. But they have also been, in the past, vocal about separation which does not sit well with a lot of Canadians as they would prefer Quebec remain as part of Canada.

It is obvious his first language is not English. And he struggled at times to get his message out. Running out of time in one case but I think the moderator failed to adequately explain that the amount of time was reduced. EM was expecting more time as well as she was wanting YB to finish his statement and thought he had a few more seconds. Someone failed here and I would put that on the moderator.

BQ is not a party that is available in BC, where I am, so not much more to say about it. I think he and his party should do reasonably well in Quebec. Although I am not in the loop about how Quebecers think about the BQ at the moment so my opinion is solely on his performance at the debate.

I must say though. Sharp suit!

Maxime Bernier (MB): (People's Party of Canada (PPC))

Splintered off from the CPC when he lost out to AS. He may be a little bitter. I would not blame him considering what has been brought to light about AS and his background. If I were a member of the party I would also be livid that someone like AS beat me as well.

So he started his own party. I do not know what it is about MB but maybe it is his command of the English language. His past tweets were quite questionable. I am not sure if he is actually that insensitive or if it is his use of English. I know someone in my company who is Russian. English is also not his first language. He comes off as very arrogant in emails. But in person he is the nicest guy. Not sure that is case here.

MB is the only one who clearly is aiming for a balanced budget. One of the things I concern about as well. I understand that sometimes deficits are required to weather a downturn or to boost the economy. But I also think, like everybody who lives in Canada, we all are expected to make an effort to not run up our debt to unpayable levels.

However, currently interest rates are really low. Borrowing at the Governmental level may be a good time because of that. We seem to keep our deficit and debt manageable and within reason compared to our GDP. If it means a growth that will allow more income then running a deficit may be prudent. So MB stressing that we should be balancing our books may not be as dire as he thinks. That is not to say I like governments being careless with our tax dollars. We still need someone like MB to keep a critical eye on the spending.

In a way people are asking why he is here as well, one for his seemingly racist tweets about immigration but two, like BQ, his party is not everywhere and MB cannot possibly become PM. Apparently he is in enough ridings to warrant a presence.

He does need better image management if he wants to represent more Canadians. His stance on the finances is more along the lines of older Conservative values. Not sure about everything else though. Everything else would get him file with AS under G.


The debate was not as definitive as I, and many Canadians hoped it would be. I see many comments about people stating JT won, JS won, AS won... No matter, it just goes to show that this election is important. Hire the Right PM people.

Disclosure. I am a PR in Canada. I cannot vote. I am still very keen to see what the outcome of this election will be.