Zekaric.com has a pulse again.

Robbert de Groot

2020-01-12 14:40 PST

I have finally got Zekaric: Log Your Thoughts (LYT) blogging software to an initial release state. It took me a while. I am not a web developer by trade so quite a few annoying road blocks were found when getting this far.

The software is very minimal right now. No commenting just yet as I need to design that to take care of potential spammers and possibly user login using facebook, google, or anything else instead of writing my own login and user management system.

LYT code can be obtained from GITHUB, link is in the footer of the web site.

I am looking forward to adding posts and such now that I can again fairly simply. What I like most of all is that I have full control. WordPress and all those other web software is nice and all but I felt I was working with a black box and not actually knowing what I was doing. Having coded this myself. I know everything. But as you can see, it took a dog's age to get this far and for users, this site is rather anemic compared to other web sites. That will change, slowly.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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